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    Privacy Policy

    The purpose of this privacy statement is to explain how GMOC Group Ltd processes your personal data. Data controller Matrix Structures Ltd also includes our sister company GMOC Group Ltd – here in the United Kingdom Contact information:

    GMOC Group Ltd Telford

    Att.: Mr Phil Bagnall GMOC Group processes all personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

    How does GMOC Group collect personal data?

    Personal data are collected as follows:

    We register contact information about customers, suppliers, and other business partners on the B2B marketplace via browser cookies.


    What data are we collecting

    There are many ways to collect personal information

    Some examples include: Name, address, telephone number, email address and other general data Browser information. 

    What's the purpose of the collection 

    Only the following purposes can be used to collect personal data:

    Administration of your relationship to Matrix Sales and customer marketing Security Compliance with a legal obligation. 

    The legal basis for processing data is either: 

    Here is a list of the legal basis Matrix uses to process your personal data. 

    We process personal data for internal processes first and foremost because we have a legitimate need, unless your interest comes before that. Legitimate interests that we pursue are e.g. Our team at registration of contact persons will keep your information safe and secure. We also want you to be aware that we collect some basic statistics on how people use our site in order create better user experiences for everyone! Your rights Under the general data protection regulation, you have the following rights: You have the right to get insight into the personal data Matrix is processing about you. You have the right to have the personal data Matrix has registered about you rectified and updated. You have the right to have the personal data Matrix has registered about you erased. If you wish to have your personal data erased, Matrix will erase all data if we are not required by law to save them. Withdrawing your consent to process personal data is a simple and effective way of protecting yourself. This means that the processing will stop unless Matrix is required by law to process the personal data. 

    The data you provide to us may be restricted by other people's privacy, commercial confidentiality and intellectual rights. You can request a copy of your personal information, an update, objections, or deletion of your data by writing.

    The request must be signed by you.

    If you believe that processing of your personal information is illegal, please contact us.


    The request should be sent to:

    Contact information: GMOC Group Ltd Att.: Mr Phil Bagnall Or to [email protected] We take your privacy seriously.

    That’s why we will investigate any requests for rectification or erasure of personal data, and carry them out as quickly as possible if you meet all the conditions set by law You have a right to know how much information about yourself is being held on file at our company so please let us know what needs changing! 

    If you apply for a job with Matrix 

    We will process the data that you provide in connection to your application.

    Personal information usually comprise name, address and phone number but may also include email addresses for those who are employed or self-employed; educational details such as degrees obtained from universities/colleges etc.; any previous work experience they've had before coming onto apply here at our company - this includes how long ago was when someone left their last position (i e: If I interviewed twice within 6 months then both times it's considered one period of employ Your data is important to us. We protect it with the best security practices in place, including rules about who can view your information and for what purpose this will be done so that no one outside of our company has access inappropriate material while using services provided through you as well ensuring any leaks are plugged before they happen. 

    Cookies We use cookies on our website:

    Tracking: We monitor the number of visitors, their navigation pattern on our site and from where they accessed us (via search engines or links). Third party cookies: Via your visit to this page we can track that you're using a function available at other sites such as YouTube's video commenting facility. It might also include third parties like providers who provide blogs for users' comments during online viewing sessions; these may be VimeoVideoYouTube respectively in cases where those platforms have been integrated into ours Contact information 

    If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding our processing of personal data please contact us at:

    GMOC Group Ltd

Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Construction.

GMOC Group is committed to setting a standard and improving the gender balance across the company, addressing skills shortages and broadening talent pools by creating an inclusive environment in which female employees feel confident and valued. We want our workforce to reflect the society we serve.

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